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About us

Group of companies "Amdor" is the largest Russian manufacturer and supplier of chemical products for road construction:

  • adhesion agents, bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders;;
  • agents for the production of warm bitumen-concrete mixtures;
  • "temperature-reducing" agents for bitumen-concrete mixtures;
  • emulsifiers of bitumen emulsions;
  • cationic latex.


OOO "AMDOR" was established in 1994 by specialists of the State Institute of applied chemistry (giph), which has extensive experience in the development of chemical technologies and the creation of chemical industries.

The main activity of the company – is the development and production of chemical products for road construction. One of the first companies in Russia, which began the development and implementation of road construction of chemical products based on cationic surfactants, the use of which allows improving the quality of road surfaces and increasing the durability of roads.

In order to create a production base in 2005, a joint venture OOO "Uralchimplast - AMDOR" was founded in the territory of Tagil Chemical Park in Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region.

Currently, the range of products manufactured by Uralhimplast – AMDOR includes:

  • adhesion agents, bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders;
  • emulsifiers of bitumen emulsions;
  • agents for the production of warm bitumen-concrete mixtures;
  • cationic latex.

Emulsion laboratory, including laboratory emulsion installation "Davial LaPROM" and equipment for the selection and analysis of emulsions and bitumen-mineral mixtures was created in Nizhny Tagil.

The company employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of synthesis and technology of organic compounds, the creation of compositions with specified performance properties, the introduction of developed and manufactured products and technical support in its use in various industries.

Today, the group of companies is successfully developing under the brand "AMDOR": OOO "AMDOR" and OOO "INCORGAZ" Saint-Petersburg, OOO "Uralchimplast-AMDOR", Nizhny Tagil, SIA "AMDOR - BALTICS" SIA and "POLYMIX-BALTICS" in Latvia.

The group of companies has leading positions in Russia in terms of production and supply of effective adhesive agents, emulsifiers for bitumen emulsions.


All products are actively sold in Russia, CIS countries and the European Union, as well as used at the most important road construction sites:

  • federal motorway M-11 "Moscow-St. Petersburg";
  • federal motorway M4 "Don";
  • transport corridor "Western Europe-Western China";
  • Western High-Speed Diameter of St. Petersburg;
  • cable-stayed bridge to Russky island;
  • roads of the Russian Federation of federal and regional significance;



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Quality products and innovations are the foundation of our success. This is the result of the constant work of our experts in laboratories, production, and, of course, study of the market needs in different regions of our country and abroad.

Development of scientific and production activities of the company is based on collaborative developments carried out in 6 laboratories located in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Tagil.

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