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Road adhesion agent "AMDOR-A"

Technical specifications 20.41.20-014-35475596-2018

Product characteristics

Agent «AMDOR-А» is a water-soluble surfactant (cation-active).

Agent «AMDOR-А» is intended for use in the manufacture of bitumen and polymer-bitumen road emulsions - according to GOST R 52128 and GOST P 55420 in all climatic zones.

Agent «AMDOR-А» shall be injected into bitumen or the aqueous phase of the emulsifier of bitumen emulsions at the manufacturing stage.

Parameters of "AMDOR-A" agent
Parameter name Parameter value
1. Physical form, color: Liquid from yellow to brown
2. Amine number, mg Hcl with a mass fraction of 100% per 1 g of product, not less than 120
3. Adhesion to the mineral material of bitumen containing 0.1 - 0.5 % of the additive is not worse than the control sample No. 1-2 according to GOST 11508
4. Density at 20 °C, g/cm 3 0,890-0,940

Injection of "AMDOR-A" agent from 0.1 to 0.5 % makes it possible:

  • to reduce the surface tension at the interface between bitumen and mineral material and, as a result, significantly increase the adhesion of bitumen to mineral material of both basic and acidic nature;
  • to increase the service life of the pavement by increasing the moisture and frost resistance of bitumen concrete.
Packaging and storage

Agent «AMDOR-А» is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l and polymer containers with a capacity of 1 m3 from warehouses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Togliatti.

Agent «AMDOR-А» shall be stored in closed warehouses at a distance of not less than two meters from the heating elements at a temperature of minus 35 °C to plus 50 °C, or in open areas under a canopy, or in specially equipped containers.

All products of "AMDOR" are certified and have state registration.

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