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Emulsifiers of emulsions

The group of AMDOR companies serially produces a wide range of emulsifiers, designed for production of any cationic bitumen emulsions used in road construction.

Bitumen emulsions are modern technological road-building materials based on bitumen and water, which are an alternative to the classically used hot, heated bitumen.

Compared with hot bitumen the emulsions have undoubted advantages in their use in the production of road construction works.

Technologically, bitumen emulsions are simple, convenient and safe in operation, less dependent on adverse weather conditions, significantly improve the quality of road surfaces, and the season of road construction works with their use is 1.5-2 months longer than with bitumen.

The quality of bitumen emulsions directly affects the result on the road.

To produce high-quality bitumen emulsions, it is necessary to have the following:

  • Reliable equipment: bitumen emulsions are produced in emulsion plants, the "heart" of any emulsion plant is a colloidal mill. Homogeneity of grinding, average particle size after grinding, fineness depends on the design features of the mill and its settings
  • Correctly selected recipe i.e. the ratio of bitumen, water, emulsifier and other additives in the composition.
  • High-quality emulsifiers that ensure the stability of the emulsion, its stability during storage, transportation, the necessary time of "life" in contact with inert materials and compliance with the expectations of the emulsion operation on the road.

AMDOR-EM emulsifiers have been used in road construction in Russia and abroad for 25 years. More than 150 manufacturers of bitumen emulsions use AMDOR-EM emulsifiers.

Modern line of AMDOR-EM emulsifier provides high quality of bitumen emulsions and their compliance with the current GOST R 52128-2003 and GOST R 55420-2013.

We are equipped with a laboratory emulsion plant, as well as related equipment required for the regular production of bitumen emulsions and their analysis.

Specialists of AMDOR on a regular basis are engaged in the development of formulations of bitumen emulsions, provide support for emulsion plants, produce material tests


The most popular brands of AMDOR-EM emulsifiers are summarized in the table:


Type of emulsion

Scope of application





Tack coat, patch work, rough overlay, Chip-Seal




EBK -3

Recycling, organo-mineral mixtures




Recycling, asphaltic granulated concrete, organic-mineral mixtures



Cationic latex. Polymer for bitumen modification






Slurry-Seal, Microsurfacing




The exact amount of emulsifier is determined by the nature of mineral material and the quality of bitumen.

The use of AMDOR-EM emulsifiers allows to:

  • obtain bitumen emulsions of consistent high quality;
  • reduce energy and labor costs through the simple use of emulsifiers;
  • save up to 30% of bitumen by improving the wettability and coatability of mineral material;
  • reduce the cost of final products due to the low dosage of the emulsifier.

The undeniable advantage of the AMDOR emulsifiers is the year-round availability of products in warehouses on the territory of the Russian Federation.


  • AMDOR-EM emulsifiers work in all types of emulsion systems.
  • AMDOR-EM emulsifiers do not require additional heating.
  • They have optimal aggregate state for trouble-free use in any production mode.
  • Hydrochloric acid is used to regulate pH of the aqueous phase.

Transportation and storage

AMDOR emulsifiers are supplied in metal barrels with capacity of 216 liters and polymer containers with capacity of 1000 liters.

AMDOR emulsifiers are stored in closed warehouses at ambient temperatures from -35 to +50 ᵒC.

When stored in a closed package the stability is maintained for two years.

For our clients, we solve various tasks and always try to exceed expectations.

Any questions about emulsifiers? Ask them to us: amdor@ucp.ru

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