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Road adhesion agent "AMDOR-12"

Industry standard 35475596-009-2018

Product characteristics

AMDOR-12 Agent is a product of condensation of polyamines and higher fatty acids, used for bitument concrete layers of roads, airfields and artificial structures.

Injection of AMDOR-12 agent in amount of 0.4 % to 0.8 % makes it possible to significantly increase the adhesion of the organic binder to the surface of the mineral material (not worse than the sample No.2 - according to GOST 11508 and at least 4 points – according to GOST 12801) and increase the durability of road organic mineral pavements.

AMDOR-12 Agent is a viscous liquid from light brown to dark brown, capable to mix easily with heated organic binders to a homogeneous state (not classified as dangerous goods - according to GOST 19433), combustible, semivolatile.

Parameters of "AMDOR-12" agent
Parameter name Parameter value
1. Physical form, color : Viscous liquid from light brown to dark brown *
2. Adhesion to mineral bitumen containing from 0.15 % to 0.5** % of agent Not worse than control sample No.2 according to GOST 11508
At least 4 points according to GOST 12801, p. 28
3. Acid number, mg KOH/g of product, not more than: 10
4. Pour point, °C, not higher: 10
5. Density at 20°C, g/cm 3 From 0.950 to 0.990

* turbidity of agents during storage, does not affect the efficiency and disappears when heated to 70 °C and stirring is allowed.

** amount of AMDOR-12 agent is determined by the nature of the mineral material, the quality of bitumen and the composition of bitumen concrete mixture.

It is very important to ensure an even distribution of the agent in the bitumen!

To ensure effective adhesion, the recommended dosage should be 0.15 ÷ 0.5 % of the bitumen weight. The optimal dosage of the additive depends on the nature of the mineral material and the quality of the bitumen and is determined in the road laboratory on the materials used.

Packaging and storage

Agent «AMDOR-12» is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l and polymer containers with a capacity of 1 m3 from warehouses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Togliatti.

The agent packed in a container shall be stored in closed warehouses at ambient temperature from minus 35°С to plus 50°С.

All products of "AMDOR" are certified and have state registration.

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