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Road adhesion agent "AMDOR-20T"

Industry standard 35475596-004-2016 with Notification No.1

Product characteristics

Road adhesion agent "AMDOR-20T" " is a product based on organic esters, which provides high adhesive properties with mineral materials of both acidic and basic nature.

"AMDOR-20T" agent is dosed into the bitumen at a concentration of 0, 1 to 0, 5 % depending on the type of gravel and the quality of the bitumen, providing a degree of coating the surface of the gravel 90-100 %.
It is recommended for modification of bitumen in bitumen production and storage bases before shipment to consumers, as well as to increase the adhesion of the polymer-bitumen binder. The maximum effect of the additive is achieved by intensive mixing with bitumen for at least 5 hours at a temperature of 140-180 °C. As a result of the chemical interaction of the additive with the components of hot bitumen, the modifying properties increase with their subsequent stabilization and preservation for several days.

Injection of the agent into the bitumen heated to 170-190 °C during the production of polymer-bitumen binder accelerates the chemical interaction of the polymer with the bitumen components.
With the injection of the agent directly into the bitumen feed line into the asphalt mixer, it is necessary to avoid mixing the additive "AMDOR-20T" with amino-containing additives.

"AMDOR-20T" agent is a fluid with acidic properties.

"AMDOR-20T" agent is characterized by:

  • high thermal stability (practically does not decrease the adhesive efficiency of the binder at a temperature of 150 0C to 10 days),
  • low pour point
Parameters of "AMDOR-20T" agent
Parameter name Parameter value
1. Physical form, color: Viscous liquid from light yellow to brown
2. Pour point, °C, not higher: Minus 5
3. Adhesion to mineral bitumen containing from 0,1 % to 0,4* % of agent Not worse than control sample No.2 according to GOST 11508
At least 4 points according to GOST 12801, p. 28

* - selection of the optimal amount of additives AMDOR-20T in this range shall be made in accordance with the actual use in each case of mineral materials and binder.

Advantages of application of the adhesion agent "AMDOR-20T"
  • Has no unpleasant amine odor.
  • Thermostable at high temperatures.
  • Retains fluidity at minus 5 °С.
  • Improves the adhesion between bitumen and mineral material.
  • Increases the moisture resistance of asphalt mixtures with long-term water saturation.
  • Slows down the aging of bitumen, as it prevents the formation of a rigid spatial structure of asphaltenes.
Packaging and storage

"AMDOR-20T" agent is supplied in polyethylene barrels with a capacity of 227 liters and polyethylene eurocubes 1 m3 from warehouses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Togliatti.

The agent packed in a container shall be stored in closed warehouses at ambient temperature from minus 35°C to plus 50°.

All products of "AMDOR" are certified and have state registration.

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